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Got a short story or poem about Manchester? If it’s 2,000 words or less and hasn’t been published already, send it to us and you may be featured on Rainy City Stories. Please remember to add your story title and where exactly it’s based (e.g. a building, street or area – if more than one please tell us the primary location). We’re also keen to feature multimedia such as images (including graphic stories), audio and video – so tell us if you have any available. Just fill in the form below…

Rainy City Stories is not accepting submissions at this time.

Declaration: By submitting this story/poem for consideration you affirm that this is your original work which has not been published, and give permission for its publication on Rainy City Stories in edited form. You also understand that you will retain all other rights for the work and that it will not be reproduced in any other format without your prior consent.

Please note: Due to the volume of submissions we get, it’s not always possible for us to respond to all writers who submit work to the site. We aim to let writers know within four weeks if we do want to publish their work. If you haven’t heard from us, you can send an email asking for a definitive yes or no.




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