a house of cards

i have become homesick for he & i
the way we are when we wait with

our lips pressed together, whispering
and dreaming up a future,

naming children after beautiful
english villages and seaside hamlets.

i grow nauseous with missing him,
with replaying dawlish like a record

on repeat, sliding my hand across his thigh
as us he drives

into the belly of wales, steering wheel
on the opposite side,

my feet, displaced from the lack
of pedals, pushing and pulling

on phantom levers
as he accelerates and brakes,

the future keeps me awake,
whispers insomnia into my mind,

a lullaby in reverse.
still, i am not homesick, charles, for that card-built

house. i am homesick for the house
he & i have yet to build.

anyonita green is a recent college graduate from America, preparing for grad school back in Manchester. http://constructmeasonnet.blogspot.com

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  1. January 17, 2009 at 2:03 pm, Natalie Basnett said:

    I like something poignant with my cup of tea in the morning. Thank you.


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