A Superhero Love Story

Twenty minutes later, Michael crouched outside Tesco Metro on Market Street watching a lone Daredevil sticking yellow ‘REDUCED’ stickers on loaves of bread for the morning. On his left, the Pink Lady was muttering something to herself, and on his right The Educator was rubbing something grainy on to his gums.

‘He’s just been made a supervisor,’ whispered the Pink Lady. ‘That’s why he’s on his own tonight.’ Michael watched Daredevil move slowly around the shop. He was older than Michael had thought, and wore a name tag pinned to his Tesco T-shirt.

‘Does Captain Planet work here too?’ he asked.

‘No,’ answered the Pink Lady. ‘But a couple of Spidermans do.’ She turned to The Monk.

‘Where does Captain Planet work?’ she asked.

‘Boots,’ said the Monk. They watched in silence as Daredevil paused to read a text.

‘That’ll be his wife,’ murmured Drama Queen.

‘His wife?’ asked Michael, forgetting to be quiet.

‘Shhh!’ hissed The Educator.

‘He’s got a wife and two kids,’ said the Pink Lady. ‘And a bit on the side, by the sounds of it.’

‘Your bird,’ added The Monk. ‘Wonder Woman.’ Michael decided not to say anything. Daredevil fished a bundle of keys from his back pocket, and went behind the counter. It took him a couple of seconds to switch off the CCTV, and not much longer to pocket fifty quid from the till.

‘Did you see that?’ hissed Activist Boy. The Real-Life Superheroes nodded, and The Educator cracked his knuckles.

As Daredevil moved around the shop, checking doors, turning off lights, Michael realised how close he was to the Pink Lady. He was so close that he felt her ribs move every time she breathed.

‘Don’t worry, Michael,’ she whispered. As Daredevil let himself out of the door and into the alleyway, Michael felt the Pink Lady’s hand close over his.

‘We’ll get him,’ she murmured. ‘Come on!’ The Educator growled, deep inside his throat, and Michael felt the Pink Lady go tense. Something glinted in Police Man’s hand.

‘Now!’ hissed the Queen of Hearts. As Michael recoiled, the Real-Life Superheroes sprung to their feet and surrounded Brian: Tesco employee, father of two, Superhero Role Player.

Michael didn’t move. There was very little noise. He remained in a crouching position for a minute or so, covering his eyes, before getting slowly to his feet and walking unhurriedly back to the main road. He resisted the urge to run.

When Michael reached a phone box, he dialled 999 and told the police what was happening. He didn’t give his name. After he put down the phone, he folded up the mask and put it in his back pocket.

He never found out what happened to Brian.

Annabel Wigoder is a young writer studying for an MA at Manchester University, freelancing and working nights in a bar. http://nicebigshinyteeth.blogspot.com

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  1. April 23, 2010 at 4:36 pm, James Roome said:

    Ha! Fantastic. Very few things can hold my attention for eleven pages, I’m notoriously fickle.


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