Kansas City over Seymour Park

By Paul Knight

Location: Seymour Park, Old Trafford

I woke up this morning to a windy city
Thought I was in Kansas
My Toto curled below me
Early morning beehive at risk of flight
It whistled jaunty-like
it was taunting me to
leave if I dare
There’s no place like home I mumbled
as the warm water ran over my skin
From the door to the car
a twister stood between
Children hovered like helium balloons
jackets now twice the size
All Saturday’s expensive do’s
took a battering
and people walked like back slashes
Would I be blown to China or Salford?
Follow the mellow brick road I said to myself
It was time now
so as the open door held me back
I watched the world in a spiral
dancing plastic bags
performing in a random ballet
Hood up head down
spun like the last part of a washing cycle
I had my
courage, heart and brain in check
my picnic basket held tight
And I pirouetted to the car
and away to the Emerald City
Once more

Paul Knight says he’s an ‘old-school OT boy, now a part-time poet, full-time father. Love to dance, take pictures and live life to the fullest.’ He is a member of the Poetica writing group.



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