By John Togher

Location: Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

I meet you
at the statue
on the hour
and think of
the drowning grip
I have on your face.
Your onion seed
eyes are ablaze.
I sigh, watch
the feathered clouds

disconnect above us.
You give a tug
on my sleeve,
“We’re a clumsy version
of a good idea,
like pterodactyls.”
I freeze-frame,
see you entwined
in bringing defeat,
deaf to my melancholy.

I stare at the chip
in your front tooth.

John says: ’28 years old. I am literature co-ordinator of the NXNW Festival. Editor of The Mental Virus Arts Magazine. Been writing for seven years. Published here and there.’



2 Responses to “Piccadilly”

  1. June 04, 2009 at 1:08 pm, steve garside said:

    “We’re a clumsy version
    of a good idea,

    now that is a class line – as a lyric it would work wonders : )

    Really like this work conjures many images for me John thank you


  2. June 08, 2009 at 4:36 pm, Joel Kaye said:

    It’s very good. I can see the sort of people they are, and I like the line about pterodactyls.

    The most surreal juxtaposition, though, is the Orlando, Fla. bus timetable ad next to a poem ab/t Piccadilly M/cr, like the Beach Boys waiting for the next wave on the Irwell.


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