A Procession

By Andrew Neary

Location: Tyldesley, Greater Manchester

We walk through dead leaves and ten
thousand year mud, the brass band’s
bass drum’s startling chest thud
past the closed shops

and the pubs where the smiling
landladies stood at the door as
the procession went by.
Past a cafe and the town hall

to the chapel at the top
with him from number thirty four
and mrs oo’sit from
the mucky-up shop

with mums and kids with their
Sunday best on, a ruddy
cheeked veteran with
a stiff-upper-lipped face on

where lies a tale from every line
and crease in his complexion
the sarge screams after national
anthem “DISMISSED!”

Today kissed the memory
of the fallen, on a cold day
in November we shivered
and got wet.

We walked back
to our homes
drank tea and said
lest we forget.

Andrew says: ‘I listen, read and occasionally write, influenced by Simon Armitage and Morrissey. My inspirations are from northern working class history, customs and culture.’



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  1. November 23, 2009 at 1:18 am, john catterall said:

    short and to the point.
    We have done this march for 60+ years all over the country,and each year the veterans from both wars are getting fewer,
    Sadly we are now remembering the recent fallen , lest we forget ,when will we learn


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