Portraits of Insane Women

At Vernon’s photography studio Warren and Becky flicked though a few examples of poses. Vernon had many of the necessary costumes, but, if need be, he could simply knock up the whole thing digitally. It was up to them. Warren, however, was prepared. He showed Becky the film poster for Forties film noir Gun Crazy and she agreed right away; the gaze in the woman’s eyes was exactly like one of the portraits of insane women at the gallery.

Georgina would be amazed when she saw Warren with this red-haired girl in high heels and short skirt, breasts bursting out of a tight green sweater, pointing a hand-gun at the viewer, with Warren behind her, cigarette drooping, a fugitive look on his face, his eyes exposing a vacant soul whose only mission was the ruthless pursuit of pleasure.

David Gaffney has published two collections of short stories, Sawn-off Tales and Aromabingo, and his novel Never Never came out in 2008. http://www.davidgaffney.co.uk

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